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Poser Zipper
download DOC

Install Poser Packages more elegant. Version 075b.

Written in Python using Tk only. Source available with final version.

For all interested: Download Open Alpha

Poser Image Enhancer (PIE)
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I bet you know it - You just rendered a new, overwellming image with Poser and, at the second view, you think: Beautyfull image - but ...

Here is what you searched for - enhance your images with on click!

Click on the two images below to see them in original size.

The first image is what came out of Poser.
The second image is what PIE did with the picture within a couple of seconds!


A few second later I got this:


More Demos (1) | (2) | (3) | (4) (5)

I've tested all the Poser renders I could find on my drive - allmost any picture came out several 100 percent enhanced (especially pictures of human like characters)!

NO SIZE LIMIT (if youre computer has enough memory)
EXTREMLY FAST (with respect to the complicated algorithm)

ICON SUPPORT - able to creates Icons automatically while saving a picture, if you wish. Just use the whole image or define the region to be used as icon.


If you are interested in this handy piece of software, just visit my shop